Renovation, energy efficiency upgrade and thermal insulation jacket in a period home in Parma


01/06. The existing building, a period building characterized by some qualitative elements (decorations, moldings, frames, large windows), but rather anonymous due to the colour of the facades and the decay of the interior. Damaged roof structure and load bearing masonry structures unsuitable to receive a project of great impact. The following interventions turned out to be necessary: complete roof replacement and numerous internal consolidation works.

07/12. Numerous structural interventions: new foundations for the extension of the semi-detached house on the back, introduction of new foundation beams in the basement, new reinforced masonry walls and anchoring of all floors with cross pieces and reinforced screed.

ristrutturazione - fase lavori - 4

13. The roof has been demolished, removed and replaced with a new structure made in lamellar wood beams anchored to a ring beam.

14/18. The new system distribution has been protected by a lightened concrete casting. New systems: central controlled mechanical ventilation, condensing boilers, solar panels on top of the roof and underfloor heating panels, cooling and dehumidification system, water softening system.

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Cappotto termico - mura interne - 1

19/20. The thermal insulation of the envelope was made by means of an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) made in Stiferite, which is highly performing as to thermal conductivity, therefore enabling to maintain the façades typological and decorative features of great value unaltered.

ristrutturazione e riqualificazione energetica - fase lavori - 2

21. Installation of a new lift with both glazed doors cabin and shaft for barrier-free accessibility.

22/27. The building at the end of the works. The valorization of the well-preserved historic and architectural value elements is evident. A service block connects the historic building to the new extension on the back which contains the semi-detached house. This block contains the garages in the basement but it becomes a rooftop garden for the mezzanine unit.



Viale Rustici, Parma


600 mq main building living area

360 mq common and distributive areas

340 mq of house extension (semi-detached house)

Contruction and technology:

Structure strengthening in reinforced concrete
Energy efficiency upgrade with internal coat made in Stiferite
New roofing made in lamellar wood beams anchored to a ring beam, overall renovation of the building systems by installation of the central controlled mechanical ventilation and dehumidification systems and underfloor heating panels

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