Renovations of a flat located in Via Bixio, Parma

Ristrutturazione appartamento via bixio - ipotesi di progetto
ristrutturazione appartamento via bixio - stato di fatto

Property State / project hypothesis. The Client has been supported during every stage, from the sale to the design phase. Our Client chose solution # 4a from the variety of project hypotheses we suggested. This solution offers an extremely balanced merging of the two units previously divided. The design strategy allowed to fully satisfy the needs of the Client, therefore creating a central area, intermediate between the living area and the sleeping area (a flexible, multipurpose space) that could be used as a study or an area to welcome your guests, and in the future, even more. The living area, onto two slightly different levels, is a single space although able to feature well-separated functions. Great value has been attributed to the 10sqm large window that looks directly onto the river: a charming and evocative view that strongly characterizes the dwelling. A number of openings and transom lights in doors further increase the depth and the control of the natural light of the house.

In addition to the functional and aesthetic aspects, the project has focussed on the fullest respect of the supporting masonry (the building dates back to the Middle Age). The merging of the two units into one and the new plan was done without upsetting the building structure.

01/04. State before interventions: spaces are narrow, poorly lit and featuring old finishing.

05 / 07. The control of natural light, first of all – with few new openings the natural light reaches the central part of the house, the white colour (with marble effect) of the walls and ceilings in wood beams and terracotta tiles (sandblasted) make the most of the light coming from the east.

Ristrutturazione Appartamento a Parma a Via Bixio, ristrutturaizione completa con infissi e pavimenti | Arteco

08. The large floor-to-ceiling window facing up the river: the most charming area of the house.

Ristrutturazione dell'ingresso in via Bixio

09. The large central hall, an important volume, a representative space with a height of nearly 5 meters, welcomes guests entering the flat and becomes an area connecting the most private part of the house with that dedicated to hospitality. The floors are made of big-sized (60 × 120) porcelain stoneware tiles in ivory / sand colour. All plant, hydrothermal and electrical components have been remade and fully upgraded.

Ristrutturazione Parma - via bixio - dettaglio su scale

10. The staircase joining the two levels of the living area is a monolithic block; the treads, the risers, and the sides have been interconnected with slabs cut at 45°, therefore showing great care for details and reinforcing the idea of continuity between the two floors.

Ristrutturazione Parma - via bixio - pavimento in rovere

11. The entire sleeping area is paved with large oak staves; an oak has been selected poorly flamed, of opaque natural colour, without any polishing paints.

Ristrutturazione appartamenti Parma - via bixio - dettaglio su bagno

12. Bathrooms interiors too feature delicate shades of colour, flooring is uninterrupted also inside the shower and the masonry wall makes the installation of a shower enclosure useless.



Via Bixio, Parma


230 mq total area

38 mq portico and terrace

36 mq dependence

35 mq garage

150 mq created by combining two adjacent apartment units

Type of intervention:

Design and complete renovation of the housing unit

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