Wooden houses

Casa in legno

Building wooden houses is a cost-effective choice not only for the high energy performance of these buildings, but also for the tax allowances on the new homes currently in force, which allow you to deduct 50% of the VAT paid to the builder. Wood, one of the oldest construction materials, guarantees a combination of exclusive benefits.

Traditional Houses

Costruzione tradizionale

Thanks to our experience we are able to carry out the design and building of houses of all kinds and dimensions, paying close attention to every single stage of the construction: identification of the area, design, construction and delivery of the property without obviously neglecting the post-sale service always available.


Ristrutturazione edilizia

As renovation company of great experience, Arteco Group is involved in such projects as the complete renovation of apartments, houses and mansions, the refurbishment of bathrooms or cladding, the fractionation of real estate units, the refurbishment of facades and roofs, as well as realization of interventions for energy redevelopment.

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